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At Operation Paintball, we strive to provide you with the best outdoor adventure experience possible. From the moment that you arrive, you will notice our careful attention to providing all the amenities Paintball players find necessary (wash off station, telephone, sanicans, picnic tables, fire pit, shelter, gravel parking lot, etc.).

  1. Goggle Safety - You must always wear your goggles while your on the field. Safety is our priority

  2. Barrel Plugs - Barrel plugs are to be in the barrel at all times until you walk onto the playing field

  3. Chronographing - All paint markers must be chronographed before going onto the field. We limit markers to 285 FPS. 

  4. Paintchecks - If you are unsure if you have been hit, or you think you hit someone behind a bunker, call a referee for a paintcheck.

  5. Eliminations - Eliminations occur when a paintball hits you anywhere on the body and it is a quarter size or bigger. Yell "HIT" really loud, put your barrel plug in, raise your gun over your head, then exit the field as quickly as possible. 

  6. Dead Players do not talk - Once you are dead you cannot talk to other players or give other players paint/equipment.

  7. Don't Overshoot - Overshooting means breaking more than 4 paintballs on a player. Once you see paint break on player, stop shooting.

  8. Don't Blind Fire - Blind Firing Is when a player is just sticking his gun out and shooting without being able to see where the gun is pointing

  9. 15ft. Surrender or Die Rule - This means if you are within 15ft. of an opposing player you have to ask him to surrender or die.

  10. Games are limited to 15min - unless otherwise specified

  11. Drugs, Alcohol and Firearms are not permitted anywhere on the premises.

  12. DO NOT Shoot any Wildlife

  13. Abusive Language - Please do not use any foul language as this is kid friendly environment. 

  14. No Littering.

  15. Field Boundaries - Yellow Caution tape is marked around each field. Please do not go beyond the boundaries. 

  16. No firing paint markers outside of the fields. 

  17. Field paint only - Only paint purchased at the field is allowed.

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Perhaps one of the best features at Operation Paintball is in our method of field rotation. Not one field at Operation Paintball is dedicated for private groups or walk-on players. Throughout the day, players will rotate through all of our various fields to enhance their Paintball experience. You can spend more time on one field over the other, but you will not get stuck just playing on field all day. It's up to you.

Every field at Operation Paintball is unique and different from each other:

By far our most popular field with private groups and walk-on players. A two story pink house occupies the center of the field. Surrounding it are trucks and cars, huge tire stacks, a satellite dish, a trench, a tree fort and more colorful bunkers. This field has been covered with tons of pea gravel and wood chips to provide a "playground" style surface that is clean and dry.



Shaped like a pork chop with a huge maple tree and a bolder the size of a Volkswagen Rabbit dominating the middle of the field. This is where all the action happens. This field has lots of natural elements including trees, stumps, brush piles and more.


It has been described by many as the single best tournament field in the Northwest. It's the home to some of the Northwest's best Paintball teams including the Cartel, Cartel Empire, Landslide, Damage Inc., Organized Chaos and Redz Factory NW. The field is rectangle in shape and features Ultimate Airball bunkers.


A long, narrow field with mounds of dirt. a helicopter for Blackhawk down games. man made bunkers. a new field for 2019.


An all natural field comprised of huge shady trees, log piles and stumps. Those players looking to blend in with the natural environment will love this field.